Thursday, July 27, 2006

San Diego Comicon - Day 1

Ok. For the record this is about the 4th or 5th time I've been to San Diego...but it doesn't really matter because I'm never prepared for the onslaught. It's always good to see artists that remember you and your work, especially if you admire them. But we'll get to that later. Time to introduce the players:

Mario Cauley aka "The Cauley Kid" aka "Yeah he's here"
Samax Randolph aka SamaxAmen aka GhettoManga aka "The Prodigal Son"
Khalid Robertson aka Bigsteelo aka The Steelothian aka Veks

Day 1

We all got in at different times. I'd booked the room for the 19th but I wasn't gonna get in until the 20th (had to strong arm some cats for my paper. CREAM!)

It's good to be in SD again. The weather isn't on blaze all the time, people rock beach like attire and homeless people that seemed like they could care less if you give them change or not. Benefits of a high cost of living area I suppose.

So I met the crew in our usual "no negroes allowed" kinda way and we ate, checked the scene, and set out for the con. Now, this con was on a Thursday (I missed Preview night) but the crowd was already thick. That's the thing about comic nerds, we don't give a damn. When the opportunity of frolicing, purchasing and potentialy finding cartoon like love escapades in your element arises, the game becomes most definitly afoot.

First, I'll give you the scene, the place, as usual, was MAHSSEEVE! DC showed out with big canvas like ceiling drops that went from ceiling to floor. The surprise being they were still kinda lost amongst things. That's how thick it was. Sci Fi Channel had some weird amorphis lounge area, Spike TV had some kind of construction cage thing (looked kind of '92 to me) Lego was there, Sony was there, all these people. Proof that all those comic dorks grew up and started running the entertainment biz. Wreckonize.

First cats the crew rolled up on collectively were Duncan Rouleau and Joe Kelly. Now for the non comic savy, Joe Kelly is a pretty premier comic writer. He's known for his humor and surprising pop culture references in his comics. He wrote Deadpool (which got him notice), Superman, and JLA. It's good stuff.
Duncan was the artist on such books as X Factor and Superman. Funny thing about him is that we could have sworn dude was ethnic in some capacity before we met him. His style is TOO funky to not be. But he's the whitest middle age cat you'd ever meet. That's why I dig comics and art. You never can tell.

After that everything seemed a blur for that day. Most of it was spent walking around and checking out the con before the two serious days came into play. The highlight was that Rosario Dawson was at the 12 Guage comics table pimpin' her new comic. (check Ghetto Manga archive for details on that joker.) Needless to say she's pretty fly, but skinner that I thought she would be. Once again Hollywood shaves the luscious feminine fat. Also that day we ran into my man Josh Boulet. My man had a table and he's straight out of the Colony (although I think he lives in Richardson now) Texas. I highly recommend checking his work. Trust me, dude is sick widit: (Josh Boulet). Also, as it seems Tradition, I ran into the first brotha I met that introduced a quality hip hop style (aside from Dawud aka Brotherman) to mainstream comics: Juvan Kirby. That's my dawg, check his works. He did X-Babies for Marvel, Backlash and DV-8 for Image, and is currently doing character work.

So for a first day It was eventful. Kind of relaxed and mellow for a first con day. I was just glad I kicked it with some good friends and potential colleagues.

Day 2: Rainbow Coalition: Sam Jackson, LeSean Thomas, BET, and Aaron Mcgrueder aka "Don't trust them new niggas over theya."


At 9:01 AM, Blogger *ADORU said...

where rosario's titties at?

At 9:34 AM, Blogger bsteelo said...

Oh that's in The Steelo SPECIAL file

At 9:57 AM, Anonymous kracker said...

was there any dragonball z?

At 11:10 AM, Anonymous girlybot said...

Get to the good stuff. Did any fat girls ask y'all to autograph their business or what?

Mandrew: Rosario's titties are in effect in the movie Alexander, but you gotta wade through a lot of man love and bleach to get to the nekkid scene.

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