Monday, August 07, 2006

Rant #1: "I be textin my aaasss off"- Ed Wunsler III

Ok so check this article:


First off: That's pretty gangsta to do.
Second: She's 21. She'll be aight.

But that's not my issue, my issue becomes, how serious should I take all this IM/MYSPACE/EMAIL shit these days anyway?
Before you start saying "awww shit khalid is on this "back in my day hip hop was real" type shit again" understand this: I really want to know. I recall not too long ago someone getting irrate with me for me not putting them in my "Top 8" on My Space even though I felt we were cool on a personal level enough that it didn't matter. I remember not having my IM on and my dad asking where I've been.

Steelo: "What do you mean where have I been?"
Older Steelo: "You haven't been available"
Steelo: "Nigga I got a phone too."

And then there's the whole online relationship. That one seems to get tricky for me. I've had genuine feelings for someone I met online and still do, but I often wonder how real even that was. I mean seriously, I wasn't there so how could it have lasted and why did I believe it would? But I can't deny the strength of my feelings.

So I'm asking: How serious am I supposed to be about this? Should I have a ranking system?

Steelo thought process:

"Ok, so if I meet this chick face to face after at least 35 digital communications it's friendship. After 70 we're dating, after 120 I should be reciting wedding vows"

"If I contact this person more than twice a day through email we're good friends. If I actually meet the person we'll damn near be the odd couple"

Am I supposed to treat my response or lack of response as genuine human interaction as opposed to something face to face? I'll be the first to tell you I type my ass off (Blog case in point). Mostly because I can get my complete ideas out without interuption or someone listening enough just to rebutal and grasp that ever elusive verbal airspace. It's like a battle or sermon instead of a discussion sometimes. And seeing as how when I speak I try to choose my words carefully (think before I speak, how novel) I don't respond as lightining quick as some of my colleagues. So ideas get lost and people ask me,"why are you so quiet all the time?"

I suppose long story short: I need to get out more and interact. People's feelings aren't as catastrophic as I percieve them. I'm sure I'll learn how to manipulate conversation with the best of them sooner or later when I do. Ultimately, regardless of how I choose to communicate, if the intended recipient understands me enough to know my intent, then I suppose that's all that matters.

Besides it's all nigga technology anyway*

(*See The Boondocks)


At 12:47 PM, Anonymous Abram-- said...

Man, I feel you. Personally, like you, I'm better in person. I'm much wittier, and it's a more personal thing. I'm alright online. It's more convenient (i.e. I work on a computer all day, so it's easy to stop working and return an email, check out a link, respond to a quick IM). Here's the hiccup though; I'm absolutely terrible on the phone. I'm good for some quick confirmations, directions, or a question, but any longer than two minutes, and I'll self-destruct (how's that for technology?). As for the myspace thing, any one of my friends in real life who complains about not being on a top 8 or 12 or whatever, gets ridiculed like a carnie with webbed-feet and justifiably so.


At 7:02 PM, Blogger bsteelo said...


At 12:55 PM, Blogger samax said...

1) people who want to take stuff harshly always will, whether it's in person, IM, or email. they all need to calm down.

2) writing is good because it allows you to EDIT. in some cases, you can ask a friend "should i send this email?" still, people send me emails, messages and IMs with bad spelling, grammar, and unintelligible logic... go figure.

3) i think before i speak. i just think faster than you, and and with less apprehension. that said, i think it's good for you to take time to compose yourself and express your opinion. just because someone else speaks first, or speaks convincingly doesn't mean what they're saying is right.


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