Saturday, September 09, 2006

KRS One - Life

I slept.
Straight up.

I was rolling with Ghettomanga and we were listening to some random Sirius satelite station. I remember complaining that as diverse as Satelite radio is, the hip hop is still top 10 for the most part...and then I rolled up on a Premier live mix.

We all know Premier is where it's at, but then he dropped a KRS-One track I hadn't heard.

This is when I was reminded why he's the Blast Master.

The track My Life was ill. It's like he either got some young kid with dope production or went back to the lab. Either way the shit is bangin'.

Album dropped back in June, so you might luck out and find it or order it on line, either way, true heads really need to cop it.
This is a true contemporary hip hop album from a real vet to the game.

Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everybody


At 4:18 PM, Blogger samax said...

good! thia dude is bananas! he needs to get with some real beats, so new heads can feel the fury!


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