Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Rant #2: When is the right time to tell the truth? (or Let the rage flow)

* Take note, these observations to some may seem juvenile and obvious. But I'm working shit out.

The truth will set you free. That's sounding more like lies to me these days.
And it's making me increasingly more angry and impatient.

I hear it a lot from women: Tell the truth, be yourself.
But how much of that do I need to be really?
In earlier posts I posted an interview with KRS One. In it he poses the question of how YOU are you willing to be? In that there are consequences (betrayl, hatred, joy, rage). Thus all of us or most of us (depending on who you are) supress a certain amount of ourselves for a greater good. I used to refer to it as wisdom or tact in some cases. But is it?

Case in point:
I'm liking a woman and she wants me to be honest and truthful. I hear that all the time.
"I wish he'd tell me the truth. I wish he'd stop lying"

So I tell the truth. The results, although honest, seem not so well recieved. After the truth, that's when things get held back from conversation, most people don't say everything on their mind out of fear of some judgment, and in the case of relationships, as a man, you could be viewed as a cold hearted bastard.

This stresses me. Mostly because I used to go out of my way to make people feel somewhat comfortable. Now I'm on some kind of mission (as I percieve it) so I don't always have the time for that. People kind of find that offensive or cold. I've been commented on that a lot recently because I look like I don't care when a problem is in front of me or someone needs something. I care, it's just that bitching about it isn't gonna make things easier. Just gotta get it done.

So, I defaulted to the wisdom of my pops. Essentially he said you can be yourself and stand by your convictions and never bend but you might be alone for awhile. Or you can compromise and be mad.

I guess there in lies the science. To know the right time to be unabrasively truthful or stand by your truth. Also to be calm in the face of something that may seem potentially irrational or an attack against your character.

But damn that shit is hard.


At 9:53 PM, Blogger Jamar said...

People expect certain sides of you, and when they don't get that, it confuses them.

"Why is so and so not smiling? he's always so happy!"

Yet mugs got their own problems, but look at others as rocks. Face it, most of us always think everybody ELSE has their shit together, while we tread water.

We all have issues, man. It's just that people would rather have others (us) solve their problems than sort their own shit out. It's when we tell them to figure their own messes out, is when the issues occur.

SWAB, for real.

Had sex with toni braxton and she bought ME a fur!

At 3:05 AM, Blogger *ADORU said...

damn, I had sex with toni braxton and all i got was herpes. dag.

At 7:39 PM, Blogger samax said...

wisdom isn't just knowing what to do, it's knowing when to do it.

so anybody that thinks i'm wise isn't really payin' attention!
but, yeah... that's life!

it says "the truth will make you free", not "the truth will make you successful" or "the truth will make her like you"

when women complain about lying, they are expressing anger at being taken advantage of, stolen from, or cheated on, etc.

it has next to nothing to do with "THE TRUTH", and more to do with trust. for example THE TRUTH is the outfit makes her look fat, but she wants you to make her feel beautiful...
can the two coexist?

SURE!! but you have to be wise enough to give her what she wants EVEN when it isn't what she asked for. pay very close attention to what she says, because the two are not always the same (or even similar).

hey dude, women are nutty! now we see the reason for the popularity of internet porn...

At 10:41 PM, Blogger Jamar said...

Damn Samax took us to CHUCH.

At 9:16 AM, Blogger bsteelo said...

I understand. I suppose further understanding will come with experience. Same as it ever was


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