Wednesday, October 18, 2006


So some 20 year old chick in the UK stuck me for an old sketch. It was on my website and she doctored it up just enough to avoid infringement.

The funny thing is she added me to her myspace. Oh well, at least she's cute.

I'm worldwide baby

New Coke.

Original Formula

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

SPECIAL Technique of Shadowboxing (Midget Version)

I didn't know my man was an action hero!

Check the Remix(es)!

Thursday, October 05, 2006


DAMN.Now I remember why I like comics.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Cape 2.5: Lea Hernandez Benefit

So Saturday night, Zeus comics, PVP, Fanboy Radio, and a few other sponsors hosted an art benefit for San Antonio Comic Artist, Lea Hernandez. Her house burnt down and the family lost a lot of things, including pets

I brought my meager self to the party at Metro Grill.
Now I'd done one of these before (Cape 2) but this time I was less nervous and ready to have fun. Plus it's for a good cause so why not?

Ran into a lot of good friends:Josh Boulet , Scott Kurtz, Scott Heinz, Cal "Slay-A-Ton" and a bunch of other local artists I'd met on various occasions. Plus the DJ was spinning good hip hop, so I was as they say "in my element".

So the music starts, boards are up and they call a few artists to come up and start it off. Seeing as how cats were kinda shook, I said screw it and stepped up for a bit. I got to draw with the main man Brock "Rock" Rizzy. We call him "Brock Rock" because he usually rocks a fisherman's cap and with a name like "Brock Rizzy" you better at least act like an MC! Seeing as how dude is kinda mellow. We find it funny...thing is he doesn't know we call him that.

During my foolish attempt at being an artist in front of about 65 people I started to get a little shook. But I'm reminded of the movie "Almost Famous" where the main character's mother was talking to the lead singer of Stillwater on the phone: "Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid" And lo!:

Big ups to Scott Kurtz for that moment.

So the night goes on. Got to see my man Cal throwdown some:

And a bunch of artists I admire. Some really good art was made. Abstract to realistic. I only got up twice. I did an MC cat that sold and this (inspired by Josh while he was drawing his Optimus Prime and getting ink on me):

Don't know if it sold, but I had fun.

All in all, it was a good night. Corance Davis the stand up philosopher and "Crip" Mike Lagocki even showed up.

Good times.

For more extensive coverage, check out these sites:
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See what happens when you mess with the Cristo !?

I had a Buddy Christ. That cheese grin gave me the bad mojo though, so I gave it to an agnostic.
Either way, Hell is hot.

Dogma was a poingant movie though.