Saturday, December 30, 2006

Makin' it work!

YO! Two weeks of vacation. Good times:
  • vacation

  • Above are some rough sketches for some pieces I'm working on. The last two are for a project a friend of mine is working on. I have about 1 1/2 roughs to finish before I go to tight pencil then photoshop.

    The first is a gift for a friend of mine. It also became the influence for an initial triptic I want to do which was influenced by the other drawings. Should be good.

    Monday, December 11, 2006

    wow, I need to work on my BLOG skills

    It's been a bit, but not without some postings, mostly on MySpace actually. I'll post a link at the end of this.
    At any rate, as my man Mario reminds me that I say: Keep it movin'

    Yeah don't ask...

    Side notes:

    Prayers go out to my Uncle Chris in ICU. He's a good uncle and a good man. I have fond memories of talking and laughing with him as a kid. It's a trip to realize it's been so long since I've seen or talked to him. prayers are welcome.

    Props to my man Mario for doing his term in Iraq and making it back safe. Knick it's your turn, you got seeds to watch after.

    Props to my annual seasonal roach that I got this morning. For some reason I always get 1 roach in the winter months in the crib, and he's always in view. I kill it with impunity to mark the beginning of a new cycle or something.

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